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Juju's Message Bowl! > Frequently Asked Questions > Restrictions for Troublesome Users

Restrictions for Troublesome Users

Users that consistently break the rules and/or are prone to highly inflammatory/innappropriate postings will be put on "Approval".

Users put on "Approval" will be subject to the following restrictions:

  • All posts by Troublesome Users will have to be approved by a moderator before they appear. This can take anywhere from 1 to 48 hours depending on workload and real life priorities of the moderators. As you might imagine, being unpaid volunteers, the moderators do not consider the act of approving troublesome posts to be a priority, and neither does Juju.
  • Replies by Troublesome Users will not send out notification emails to other thread participants.
  • Troublesome Users will not receive any notification emails when others reply
  • Troublesome Users will not be able to send or receive PMs to non-moderators, and do not receive "New PM waiting for you" emails
  • Troublesome Users will not be able create polls.
  • Troublesome Users can send PMs to moderators only due to potential spam/abuse.
  • Troublesome Users will not have a signature or avatar visible and will not be able to change their profile info or options.
  • Posts from Troublesome Users will not be visible to people who are not logged in.

Going from Troublesome back to Regular User
Troublesome Users that consistently post within the Bowl Rules will eventually be taken off "Approval" and will have the above restrictions lifted. There is no specified time period or policies concerning re-instatement of regular user priviliges. Begging won't help. Just be respectful of others, don't treat the Bowl as your own personal playground, and try to be a productive member of the community -- we'll notice your good behaviour sooner or later. :)

Juju reserves the right to change/modify/ammend any of these rules at any time, without notice, just in case a smarty-pants finds a loophole. This means you.
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