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HOME > The Bowl > BUY 'n SELL: The Canadian Fish Market > [READ BEFORE POSTING] Buy/Sell Guidelines
[READ BEFORE POSTING] Buy/Sell Guidelines

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Committed in Jun 2001
I'm in
Vancouver BC
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Jul 09, 2002  3:19 AM 1

Non-Commercial Only
Buy 'n Sell is a for private, non-commercial sales and trades only. No posts by businesses (even the unregistered ones you run in your basement ) are allowed here. Please see Bowl guideline #1: No Promotional Posts of Any Kind

Make Your Title Descriptive:
Readers should know exactly what your message is about by just reading the title. This eliminates the need to click into posts to figure out what its about or even worse, to click into it thinking its something else.

Not Descriptive ~ DVD Drive
Descriptive ~ FS: Sony 16x DVD Drive

Do Not Hijack Other Threads:
After reading someone's FS: Sony 16x DVD Drive post you remember that you have a DVD drive that you wouldn't mind getting rid of. Start your own thread - Do not post your offerings in the same thread as the original.

If you would like to ask questions, initiate a transaction or offer suggestions to help the poster, by all means post a reply.

Common Abbreviations:

CC = Criterion Collection
CE = Collector's Edition
FS = For Sale
FT = For Trade
GC = Gift Certificate
H = Have
LE = Limited Edition
OOP = Out of Print
SACD = Super Audio Compact Disc
SE = Special Edition
W = Want
WS = Wide Screen
WTB = Want To Buy

EBAY and other auction links:

Sorry, linking to online auction listings and/or posting the auction ID is not permitted. That would be considered advertising -- post here only if you've got something to sell directly.

GFL Cannot Mediate any Disputes
Note that this message board is provided as a courtesy and we are not responsible for the honesty/integrity of the people you transact with. We cannot and will not involve ourselves in any way to resolve disputes.

See the tips below for info on avoiding disputes.

No Thread Crapping
"Thread crapping" is when someone posts something for sale and you reply with criticism on the price or merit of the "deal".

This type of response creates various problems. It can create an outlet for petty revenge (e.g. "I don't like the seller so I'll complain publicly to deter buyers"). It isn't productive in a seller forum (since the sellers will stop selling if it gets out of hand).

If the buyer is unsure of the merit of a price offered, they're free to ask for help in the Help forum or PM/email a friend for more info. They cannot reply to the thread with questions like "Anyone know if this price is any good?" -- again, use PMs or emails for these types of questions.

Remember, you're always free to do your own research. Check out the eShop section for a list of stores.

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Sep 03, 2003 at 11:02 AM

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Committed in May 2001
I'm in pain from Juju's fin wapping!

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Apr 25, 2003  11:28 PM 2

Don't get scammed!

Here are some guidelines that will reduce the risk. Note that these apply to large transactions -- I don't think you need to be too paranoid if the transaction is a couple cheap items, for example. If it's a notebook or some other expensive item, you need to be careful.


  • The Buyer Pays first
    Never send anything out before receiving payment! You have to receive payment before sending out the item. If the buyer doesn't agree with that, then they'll have to find the item somewhere else.

    Personal cheques: make sure to hold on to the item while the cheque clears. 7 days should be enough for Canada, but if it's a high amount, wait 14 business days just to be on the safe side.

  • Paypal

    Paypal is not a bank and is not federally regulated. As such, they make their own rules.

    1. Don't use it for large amounts!
      This is the most important Paypal rule. Unless you know the person, don't use it for high dollar values (I consider $100+ to be "high"). Why? Keep reading.

    2. Use trackable shipping
      People who pay via Paypal can simply state that they never received the item and they'll get their money refunded. Paypal always favours the buyer. So you'll receive payment, send out the item, the person will claim they never got it, and you lose your money unless you can prove that the person received it. In the past, regular package tracking has been enough to prove this.

      Canadapost's Xpresspost is trackable and costs a few dollars more than regular parcel post.

    3. Beware of buyers that are in a hurry
      Another Paypal scam is to use a stolen credit card or hacked Paypal account. They'll send you the money and ask you to ship it overnight because they're in a hurry. Meanwhile, Paypal finds out the account is bogus or the credit card is invalid and cancels the payment. So you lose the money and the package.


  • Be cautious with new members
    This seems pretty obvious, but if you don't know someone, you can't trust them. Unless someone else can vouch for them or they've been a long-time member it's best to be wary. Ask for references (e.g. ebay). If if doesn't feel right, don't go through with it.

  • Use cheques
    Mail fraud is a crime. Personal/certified cheques are traceable by authorities. Banks check IDs and keep records. A scammer is less apt to cash your cheque and run (though it can happen) if they're asked for ID. That said, it's still a huge hassle to trace cheques, especially for small amounts.

    On the other hand, wired money ("Western Union"), money orders, & cash are not traceable. Say bye to your money if you have a dispute with these.

  • Verify their info
    Use to verify a person's info.
    Try their phone number in a Reverse Lookup
    Call them to confirm if you're uneasy.

Anyone have any more tips? I'll add 'em!

Costa The Slaveboy Edited by a Juju Slave on
May 04, 2003 at 4:44 PM

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