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The world is what you make it

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Committed in Aug 2015
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Nov 23, 2021  7:35 AM 1

The sequence of space, time and matter, has the lineage based beyond history. If there was no history, but a Nostradamus, would it have been any better to know anything and what if writing would be replaced by telecommunications. Not telepathy but smarter programming in communication. What thing do we all have in common that lasts longer than the process we're enduring to stretch to infinity if we can't hear left and right, and searching this ground for coin looking down or pausing to reflect and think with the stars and clouds. If we paused on this plain to become everything we could be, would we have cemented our fate or become prototypes that would have endured to help others through your material and you only would have a pretty meaningless job in the grand scheme of things. I guess it all weighs down to what you think is important. Good luck to all your endeveours and don't make resolutions in the middle of winter unless you've already put them into your mind before. This world isn't a sacrifice to get to perfection, it all comes in an ergonomic assymetrical alignment where we've all had time to think about ourselves, but not much time to help others because we usually think about ourselves too much, or are in our realm of things. I guess we're all in a routine, good thing I've been unwinding since yesterday, supposed to get back on it tomorrow, but it's a sunny cloudless morning like most mornings are. Not going to miss it after the windy night. Enjoy the little things, and see the big things are forming all around you. Are we less than the objective in the frame or more for the gathering where people seem to be a little more free. We all need some more freedom, but we all share, sometimes not enough, but we all gotta get in a better state, even if the world tells us we've been doomed from the start. Nothing that serious, but the hands we play seem to never stretch into something that lasts through multiple moments. When there's a moment, there's a change, and we get to flying, as dragging our feet against the cement really can't fare well forever. What are we trying to get into shape just trying to get somewhere? Have a good one.

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HOME > The Bowl > Thinking Outside the Bowl > The world is what you make it   
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