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Oakville deal - for resale or collecting

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Nov 24, 2021  12:13 AM 1

Oakville or Mississauga isn't too far, but I've recently acquired some games, and need to liquidate before buying anymore. Not worth it for me as I don't like doing circles on the road, but if someone wants it. I reminded myself of this, and said maybe someone is in Oakville and doesn't mind spending the $30...could prob get it for $25 unless more ppl inquire offering the set price

can store it and list it out in a few years for even more prob. The need for speed series is pretty popular.
the price sold is around $75 after fees, plus you'd have to ship and shipping isn't cheap. could prob charge higher and wait, and this one might not have box wear, but I inquired and it is in cardboard box. Getting so lazy I sometimes inquire for something I'm partially interested in and go, can you deliver, that's usually a big no. No one has delivered as of yet lol. sold for $110 from a german seller, but Europe usually has higher prices for games. I'd list it out at $85 and charge a $25 shipping within Canada or so. might wait a bit but a collector would buy it unless someone else swoops in with a cheaper price. I'd also get beyond good and evil for an offer if picking up, as ebay is flooded with european versions of the game, and only one ntsc sold for around $20. again I'd price it a little higher. $50 at least with those 2 in one shot for a maybe short trip, over time, if you got some extra income and can get free or cheap boxes or padded mailers. I get bubble wrap and padded mailers at staples, and boxes at a box store. Before covid, I would go behind the rogers store and pick and choose. Man I'm bored. If someone gets it, kudos. Should only post stellar deals, but than I'd grab them, or it would be for someone else due to distance.

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Nov 24, 2021 at 12:14 AM

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HOME > The Bowl > Canadian Deals 'n eShopping > Oakville deal - for resale or collecting   
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